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9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 50 - "QUESTION 9/11" - June 10 2024, By James Easton
This is the 50th movie in the BIGGEST LIE series, and covers a great deal of ground, including numerology, the barometric bomb, Article V of the constitution, Direct Energy Weapons, and provides a visual representation of how the bombs were placed inside the towers. John Dorr and I talk back in 2016 about the fact that Ladder 1 Engine 7 were involved in the conspiracy. Matt Imber gives a presentation that promotes unity in the Truth movement and lambastes Judy Wood for asserting that DEW did all of 9/11 and no bombs exploded in spite of all the evidence that there were bombs. Again the Building 7 obvious controlled demolition and the 10 seconds that it took to take down both WTC Towers are talking points to wake people up to the reality of 9/11. It has been 22 years and the subject that galvanized the entire TERROR on the world by the REAL perpetraitors was 9/11 and it is still relevant today, because it is the root of all the malfeasance that came out of it. Special thanks to Matt Imber and Nick George for their contributions. Running Time 2hrs 30mins. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP Productions, by James Easton 2024.

9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 49 - "INFINITY" - May 12 2024, By JAMES EASTON
This film is about proving no planes on 9/11 and about the fact that the web has been whitewashed of the truth about 9/11. It covers various ground about the means to an outcome from the 9/11 attacks, and also goes into detail about the Hezarkhani and Kevin Westley 2022 south tower hit videos. It covers how Chat GPT, Google, Youtube, Wikipedia and others are all covering up the conspiracy side of 9/11. It stresses that the term "Conspiracy Theory" or "Theorist" are terms of denigration and are weaponized by people like George W Bush to put down people who seek the truth. For there is a monumental conspiracy at work here. Running Time 2 hours. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP Productions, Created by James Easton 2024.

This video deals with who the real terrorists are and get's right to the point. 9/11 was perpetrated mainly by the George W Bush Neocon Government with the help of Benjamin Netanyahu & Israeli Mossad. It goes in depth exposing the complicity of the American Military, NORAD, The Alphabet Agencies and more in carrying out a 100 year old plan on a date that was established by Masons long ago. 9/11 was a multigenerational plan. All this talk of TERRORISM and blaming the Muslim Arabic World was all a fabrication of the Neocons, and the American government has been on a crash course, taking everyone with them into this New World Order. Awake Media in association with WAKE UP Production, by James Easton 2024.

WAKEUP911 - "ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE OF PLANES" - MAY 4 2024, by James Easton
In this video I use text to speech with an a voice that has an English accent. It is very smooth rolling, better than I can do with my own voice. It goes over most of the reasons why there were no planes on 9/11. None in Shanksville, none at the Pentagon, and none at the Twin Towers either. I was recently made admin on 9/11 Talks on facebook, and I presented the idea and it was equated with flat earth. It's not like flat earth at all. And it's not about division. It's that the bottom falls out on 9/11 if there were no planes at the towers. And I have ample proof of that. Awake Media in association with WAKE UP Production, by James Easton 2024

MONTAGE - From the Explosion in tower 2 to the demolition of tower 2, by James Easton
Taken from 3 separate clips - Music by the Pixies "Where is my Mind"

9/11 THE BIGGEST LIE 48 - "EVOLUTION" - May 1 2024, by James Easton
There is a stark warning at the start of the film. The NWO is right around the corner. I go over E TEAM and prove that it's all bullshit. Followed up by news reports from the time when journalists actually did their jobs. E Team and Gelatin were involved in rigging the towers for their demolition under the guise of fire proofing in the towers from Floors 90-100, directly where the plane hole was created. I talk about Benjamin Netanyahu requirement of the US Government to crack down on the students who are dissenting. Features some sketch comedy from the old days, and some new stuff. Created by JAMES EASTON, AWAKE MEDIA and WAKE UP Production 2024.

JAMES EASTON on LIBERcast - April 15th 2024
I was invited to appear on a 2 hour podcast to talk about 9/11.

This video is spectacular! Thanks to Johari Muniz for the links! It features the video from E-TEAM (The Mossad "Art Students" on the 91st floor of Tower 1) getting people to pose in a window with a helicopter taking pictures. The next piece is the FOX news reports about Israeli involvement in 9/11 that was never followed up on or heard again on tv. Good things we had VCRs back then. The last piece is provided by Steve De'ak showing cars being set on fire by UNIFORMED personnel! Featuring a new song called BIG MONEY by Doug Michael. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP Productions. Created by James Easton.


9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 44 - "REDEMPTION" - April 27 2024
This video is about redemption through admitting I was wrong about something so important. It takes courage to admit when you're wrong and I was told this by the guy who proved me wrong. Steve De'ak is a real hero because he cares so much and worked so hard for so many years and he has shed a lot of light on the subject of 9/11 and proven several mistakes. His website is where you can find all his work. I liked Steve from the start when I met him years ago. But I have yet to be convinced of the whole idea that the whole 9/11 event was staged. As in really staged. Matt Imber covers the barometric bomb being used in several events including the destruction of the twin towers. I built a model of the tower that I will destroy in 3d using BOMBS and GRAVITY. It's not done yet but it's in the works. I stress that the main point you have to drive home is that there were "NO PLANES ON 9/11" and I provide evidence of controlled opposition in The 9/11 Truth Movement vs Judy Wood... divide and conquer. Steve showed me I was wrong. I proved it. I stand corrected. Featuring James Easton, Matt Imber, and Steve De'ak. Running time 2 hours 18 minutes. WAKE UP Productions in association with AWAKE MEDIA 2024.

9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 47 - "ATONEMENT" - April 20th 2024, By James Easton
In this deeply personal and introspective film, I embark on a journey of redemption and revelation, using it as a platform to atone for past missteps. It's an earnest effort to shed light on the truth surrounding the events of 9/11, a pivotal moment in history clouded by misinformation and manipulation. Through candid discussions about barometric bombs and the consciousness of our society, I aim to awaken viewers to the realities that brought us to this tumultuous juncture. With heartfelt reflections on my own experiences and encounters, the narrative unfolds, urging for a collective evolution of consciousness. Featuring poignant visits to the Beaver Creek 9/11 memorial and impassioned speeches by individuals like Matt Imber and Doug Michael, the film confronts the pervasive lies and unveils the intricate web of deceit that shrouds our world. From the ominous implications of 9/11 to contemporary conflicts like the recent missile attacks between Iran and Israel, the film exposes the sinister designs at play. As predicted, the unfolding events underscore the urgent need to awaken from the slumber of complacency. Benjamin Netanyahu's actions serve as a stark reminder of the perilous consequences of unchecked power and clandestine agendas. Through this cinematic odyssey, I endeavor to spark an evolution of consciousness and reclaim the truth from the shadows of deception.

WAKEUP911 - "DECOY" - April 16th 2024, by James Easton
In this video I show the Park-Foreman shot of the second plane hitting Tower 2. I talk about the decoy plane. Decoys are frequently used in False Flags. Don't trust Wikipedia for information regarding False Flags. The official reporting of the dead in the Towers is false. I talk about 3 6 9. Masons are involved in 9/11 so understanding numerology is important, because numerology is all throughout. Some of the people putting down numerology with respect to 9/11 are Masons, or trolls. I talk about 153. I talk about the first event of the morning of 9/11, and the last event. I am doing a podcast tomorrow. I am going to talk about the Fibonacci stuff on the show. I explain that David Slesinger requires that nobody talks about Mossad and Bibi Netanyahu's involvement in 9/11. I talk about the Israeli involvement. I show a shot of Tower 1 before it "collapses" - that floor 91 was on fire. By James Easton - WAKE UP Productions - AWAKE MEDIA

WAKEUP911 - "GONNA SEE SOME PAIN" - April 15th 2024, By James Easton
This video shows a NIST FOIA Clip shot of Tower 1 before it "collapses" (a misnomer - it was blown up to fucking Kingdom Come). A cop on the radio says something. It is interesting to note. I also talk about that there was absolutely no helicopter rescue even though there are at least 100 helicopters in NYC. No attempt was made, but in the '93 bombing people were rescued by helicopter from the rooves of both towers.

WAKEUP911 - "SO IT HAS BEGUN" - April 14th 2024, by James Easton
WORLD WAR III Started at 8:46am on 9/11 2001. Last night Israel was attacked by Iran, launching 330 missiles into Jerusalem. Almost all of them were shot down by Israeli, American, and British defences. The Shit Show is about to get very real. Prepare for shock. Most indefinitely Israel will fire back at Iran. It's in their nature. This video covers some of the attack last night, and commentary by James Easton.

WAKEUP911 - "BEIRUT BLAST 2020" - April 13 2024, by James Easton
In this video I show the Beirut Blast, which occured August 4th 2020, where supposed Amonium Nitrate, aka Fertilizer stored in silos blew up. Notice the shock wave, having a high percussion blast inconsistent with an Amonium Nitrate bomb, and the crater left in the cement, filled in by water. Matt and myself are working on the next movie 9/11 The BIGGEST LIE - The BOMB.

WAKEUP911 - "THROUGH THE ROOF!" - April 10th 2024, By James Easton
Ever since I did that first Radio Show with Japhy Ryder on the Pirate Radio Network my website stats have shot THROUGH THE ROOF!!! A new movie is in the works, 9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 44 - THE BOMB. Shout out to Troy Abadie for his constant devotion to the 911thebiggestlie facebook group!!

WAKEUP911 - "HURT" - April 11th 2024, by James Easton
This video features lots of video of the WTC before that tragic day. Set to Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt."

Late Night in Korea, Second appearance on Japhy Ryder's Radio Show on Pirate Radio
James Easton & Japhy Ryder talk about all things conspiratorial

In this video I spell out that the official account of 9/11 is a complete bullshit story from start to finish. I talk about the perpetrators, and people complicit in bringing this bullshit story to you and all the sheeple who believe it.
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

WAKEUP911 - "The ENEMY WITHIN" - April 4th 2024
4 more days til the eclipse! What is in store on that day??? In this video I talk about seeing the value in what people have to offer as opposed to outright dismissing them entirely. I talk about Steve De'ak's presentation on Questioning the Official Account, about Bob and Ray - two shills in the truth movement, utlimately the enemies within as they refuse to look at the evidence and source bullshit like Wikidpedia for answers. Ray talks about a Thermobaric bomb which is in essence a BAROMETRIC BOMB, which is highly classified and there is no available documention on it on fucking wikipedia. Or anywhere for that matter. I talk about Ted Gunderson and Mike Riconosiuto, and about the 3 types of explosives used to tear down the towers.

WAKEUP911 - "Naudet-Hanlon CONSPIRACY!" - Uploaded April 3rd 2024
This video has been slashed from youtube but I was able to recover it from the archives. It's in it's best quality format and it's a good watch. What I really want you to understand is how "THEY" (The bad guys) OBFUSCATE & CONFUSE you with contradictions!

With JAPHY RYDER interviewing James Easton

WAKEUP911 - "NEW INVESTIGATION???!!!!" - April 2nd 2025 - By James Easton
If it wasn't for Matt Imber filling me in on the very important details I would not be where I am now. He has uncovered so much. This video deals with the fact that the ENTIRE TRUTH MOVEMENT HAS BEEN LIED TO BY ITS LEADERSHIP about the notion of GETTING A NEW INVESTIGATION. THERE IS NO RECOURSE!!! IT'S THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION AND THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE! THE BAD GUYS AREN'T GOING TO SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT!!!!!
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

WAKEUP9/11 - "PRIORITIES" - March 30, 2024 - by James Easton
This video talks about Steve De'ak's movie I posted last night on which is a tantalizing piece which elicits questions not answers. Today he posted his "answers" but all is subject to scruitiny by the community. The movement is constipated and needs an enema. I bolster this with some "wake the fuck up" material to spur you on to ask questions, come up with your own answers, but all the while knowing that 9/11 is a big fat fucking lie and that is something we truthers share in common. Go on have a bite.
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

WAKEUP9/11 - "153" Coincidence??? - March 18th 2024 - by James Easton
Watch as the teacher says page 153 - it is the moment that George W Bush gets the whisper in his ear. I have triangulated 153... This is no coincidence. This happened on purpose.
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

9/11 Suspicious Minds - March 13 2024 - by James Easton
This video has a simple message. It's put out to all 9/11 Truthers. It's to the song by Elvis Presley called Suspicious Minds. It features the Tower hits, Tower destruction, and the demise of Building 7.
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

WAKEUP 9/11 - CONTROLLED DEMOLITION - March 10 2024 - by James Easton
This video talks about what we as truthers all have in common. And what we don't and bicker and fight about. I propose an edge of your seat movie with the combined effort of many individuals who have much to speak on the matter of the "WHOLE TRUTH" of 9/11.
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

Matt goes to Beavercreek Ohio to look at the broken shit of a piece of the exterior columns from the top of tower 1. James uses 3d to represent the exterior columns to spec and gives you a vantage from inside and from outside. James describes the thickness of the steel of the exterior columns in the top 14 floors as being 1/4 inch thick, and the next 16 floors down as being 1/2 inch thick. The alleged plane that hit tower 1 would have had the right wing hit 1/4 inch steel but the fuselage and the left wing would hit the 1/2 inch steel. The towers were a fortress. Overdesigned to withstand hurricanes. James surmises that they broke the connections to the exterior walls to the trusses. They could easily place bombs above the false ceilings of the office floors.
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 45 - "James Easton's TRUTH" - by James Easton, JAN 18 2023
Today was my sister's birthday, and I thought I would bare my soul to you. This video starts with the Ending of 9/11 The BIGGEST LIE, the first movie that got 1 Million views. I was telling you back in 2013 to do your own research. I go over the Hezarkhani footage repeating, and the glitch. I talk about the Magic Square of the Sun, the Pentagram, The Georgia Guidestone Block, and the Fascade of the Twin Towers. I explain that 9/11 is in my birthday and in my Social. I have a right eye that is half blue and half brown. I am a genetic signal and I have been programmed by God to wake the masses. I sense my workings throughout society because they resound. I am a special guy, I am a communicator and a messenger. I carry news that we must all wake from the slumber of ages and come in tune and come together in unity. That's the only way out of an eternity of abject slavery.
Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

WELCOME to 9/11 Lies. This site is detailed and comprehensive. I will state here and now that there were no planes crashing into anything on 9/11 period. You will find facts and information on this site that support this claim.

It has become necessary to make this site for people to have access to the movies I made and the alternative information about 9/11 from someone who is an expert on the subject of the Twin Towers. There were no planes, but there also wasn't projected holograms - that is utter sheit. People who visit this website will gain better insight into the shenanigans that went on that sunny September morning. Fuck AE911 and 911 Truth - they are IN IT!!!

The Case is SOLVED! You don't need confirmation by the Government, You don't need a new investigation, and you don't have to pay dues to 9/11 Truth or Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. If you have a head on your shoulders, watch and learn. You can see all the proofs of malfeasance in 9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 36.

9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 45 - "THE AWAKENING" - by James Easton, Dec 13 2023
This movie covers all of the 9/11 events exposing that Barometric Bombs were used in the World Trade Center '93 Bombing, the Murrah Building in Oaklahoma City in '95, and at the WTC on 9/11 along with Direct Energy Weapons. It exposes Khazarian Jews and their involvement with 9/11. It reveals who Kurt Sonnenfeld, Jeffrey Epstein, and John McAfee are. It goes over many threats to our civilization. It discusses waking up, and explains the false reality we have been living in. It gives examples of higher state knowledge. I tells the truth about child sex trafficking. And it reveals the evil intent of Israel to annhilitate the people of Gaza. Running Time 3hrs, 33min, 33 secs. Created and Produced by James Easton. AWAKE MEDIA in association with WAKE UP PRODUCTIONS. 2023

WAKE UP 9/11 - "Are you OFFENDED?" - December 20th, 2023, By James Easton
How easily are you offended? There is this theme of "Woke" in the USA today. Many fall victim to it, as it's predecessor "Political Correctness" evolved into this behemoth of absurdity. I appeal to real men and women who are above this bullshit story. I talk about various things, including the attacks on 9/11 at the WTC, and the Pentagon. I cite BAROMETRIC BOMBS as the culprit. I talk about about what needs to be done. 9/11 needs to be exposed. How do we do this? For the longest time people used Building 7 as their talking point but one had to bring the unsuspecting fools up to speed about Building 7. I talk about the twin tower and no planes. 9/11 Truth has changed management so there is room to talk about the TRUTH.

WAKE UP 9/11 - KNOCK KNOCK - November 20 2023, by James Easton
This is some shit. I am ON. Listen up, we gotta get moving. We need a campaign to knock on doors and talk about 9/11. 9/11 is coming back into the lime light because of what Israel is doing. The truth is out and about! It's a good thing you got rid of Richard Gage, but it's up to 9/11 Truth because AE911 is a bunch of MASONS. Get your shit organized and pumped!!! Includes BLUE SKIES, HEART HOTLINE, ZIONISM Monopoly game. By James Easton

9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 40 - "APOCALYPSE" - October 31st 2023
This movie is about awakening to the events that have shaped our world this year. So much horrendous shit has happened in just this year alone. Doug Michael & James Easton cover the Israeli - Hamas war, the forest fires in Canada, Geo Engineering (Chemtrails), the East Palestine Ohio train derailment, the fires in Maui, The World Economic Forum and their sinister plans, Tyranical Governments, who The Ashkenazi Jews REALLY are, Israeli Hatred, the mass murdering of civilians in Palestine (Collective Punishment), Trump as it appears in the King James Bible TWICE! How America has been duped by the Federal Government allowing migrants across the southern border - the enemy is inside the gates! Red False Flags and Green False Flags, and a stern warning to Berlin - Watch out! There is a strong movement towards waking up and coming in tune. What awake people are like, and how they are THERE for you in your endeavor to do the inner work to awaken spiritually, and to be aware of the reality of the world which has been kept hidden all your lives.
Running Time 3 Hours 11 Minutes. Created by James Easton and Doug Michael, Produced by James Easton, Released October 31st 2023.

WAKE UP 9/11 - "IMPORTANT DISCOVERY!!!" - Oct 27th 2023, by James Easton
It's like 9 & 11 are the Key inside the Magic Square of the Sun. I found 7 & 10 - the date that Israel went to war with Hamas. I go over some of the other things I discovered. There's the Sandy Hook date, England's 9/11 - 7 & 7, and also the Sandy Hook School Shooting 12 & 14. Also found is the date Oct 1st, the Vegas shooting! This piece includes an Israeli woman, formerly in the IDF Intelligence, talking about how the whole thing just doesn't make sense. It is clear that Netanyahu, the Mossad, the IDF, and Hamas all worked in collusion which seems to be kicking off World War III by design! James Easton

WAKE UP 9/11 - "SPADES IS TRUMP!" - Oct 26th 2023, by James Easton
In this video I cover the two parts of the KING JAMES Bible that contain the word "TRUMP." This word does not appear in any other Bible. I read both bible passages and go into detail about the description of people "asleep" in Thessalonians. I recite a common prayer that speaks to people being asleep wanting to be saved. Ultimately I disclose that Trump is OWNED by the Zionist Rothschild family for bailing him out in the early days to the tune of 4 BILLION!

9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 41 - "The RECKONING" - November 14th 2023, by James Easton
This film talks about being prepared for nuclear war. A MASSIVE FALSE FLAG will take place in America spurring the easily fooled to enlist, and the government will employ the Draft. A big message in this film is aimed at the AWAKE & AWARE to not react - think first. People are waking up in droves and the powers that be know this. They are going to try to trick you. Don't react. The Hegelian Dialectic is "Problem" "Reaction" "Solution." Brace for the SHOCK mentally, physically, and spiritually, because the SHOCK will be enormous. People who are not awake will suffer immensely as they are forced kicking and screaming into awakening. This film deals with the Israeli threat to take down the rest of the world if they go under. They have threatened the world with placing nukes in major cities all over the world. The safest place to be is 250 miles away from a city. Prepare, stock up, and find a place to go. Be ready, you will know the time when the SHOCK is about to happen. This movie also deals with the raving rabid Rabbis talking about destroying the white European race and how they will destroy religion and how they will take over the world. There is a scene that is very disturbing. If you are under 18, you should not watch it. I give ample warning. Doug Michael offers his knowledge and insight into what is really going on.

This is it! 5 STAR PROJECT! This is the big Pentagon Film you've been waiting for! You'll learn what really happened there, based on Barbara Honneger's findings. I spent 4 weeks making this film. It is broken down into parts:
0:00 | OPENING
47:55 | The ENGINE
49:35 | PART 13: ANOMALIES
49:35 | The Light Post
50:33 | Military Smoke Generator
51:32 | The Line in the Grass
52:13 | The Gate Cameras
58:09 | The Mysterious Box
58:47 | PART 14: DEDUCTION
1:06:50 | PART 18: 10:12 FOX NEWS
1:14:50 | PART 20: EVIL
2:32:28 | CREDITS
Harry Bornemann was a key player in making this film. He provided all resource material for the movie including the 2013 Barbara Honneger 9/11 Seattle Truth presentation. He was the "consultant" as it were and advised me on almost every issue. He provided almost all the images and video to make this film. Doug Michael does the 9/11 Summary, and one of his Metal guitar songs is at the end called "Fog of War." The music in the film is really moving. I tried to put it with crucial parts. Running Time: 2 hours 41 minutes. This is a very serious movie. You should be dedicated to watching the entire thing. You can watch it in parts. - James Easton, Oct. 14 2023.

WAKE UP 9/11 - "I SENSE THE AWAKENING" - October 3 2023, by James Easton
It's real, It's palpable... the awareness is beaming at me. People are waking up in droves. The higher the tension the more people snap out of it. It is truly a wonderful thing to see the light come on in people. Being awake and aware and caring for humanity is the name of the game. We can beat the bad guys for sure.

WAKE UP 9/11 - "POINT OF IMPACT" - Uploaded September 25th 2023
Featuring Andy Christensen and James Easton talking about Shanksville in particular. The total lack of evidence. Features several of Andy's memes on 9/11. Running time 51 minutes.

WAKE UP 9/11 - "NIST FOIA #25" - September 20 2023
This video shows the inside of the Lobby in Building 7 after tower 2 has gone down. The camera man meets up with a man who is with the OST (Office of Secure Transportation). What is he doing there? As per Barry Jennings, by 1:00pm the entire lobby was utterly destroyed. The camera man goes on to film the scene on West Street of the carnage of what remained of Building 3 (The Mariott Hotel), and looks up at Tower 1. He leaves the area and gets caught in the destruction of Tower 1. He makes his way away from the dust.

WAKE UP 9/11 - "PLANTING SEEDS" - September 19th 2023
This video starts off with a correction about what was being said by the children in the classroom. It wasn't "PLANE" it was "PLAYING" which is significantly more threatening. KITE = PLANE. No need to say it twice. PLAYING is sick and twisted. There is much more footage from the classroom and I go over it. The words "ROBBER RUNNING SMILE SMILED MORE" are said. I go over the numerology of the last letters of the words KITE HIT STEEL PLAYING MUST. It's 10. Actually it's 1. I talk about my interactions with some people on facebook, agreeing to disagree, and also about the movie by CIT - Citizens Investigation Team "The PENTAGON". It is an important watch. SO I correct my premise that there were no planes on 911 to: NO PLANES CRASHED on 911. I go over the 23rd of September - keep a close eye on your children, and the 14th of October. Something BIG is coming. Finally I talk about the answer to the evil plot to have us all using digital currency in a Social Credit Score system, being Beans, Seeds, and Nuts. Start collecting/growing now.

WAKE UP 9/11 - "SINSTER SHIT" - September 14th 2023
In this video I apologize to Judy Wood. She was right about Directed Energy Weapons used in the 9/11 Event. But I contend that the Towers were demolished by bombs and no energy weapons. The Energy Weapon tests were done on cars in the streets surrounding the towers and in the parking lots north west of the towers. I figured this based on Maui, and I had thought it was from the molten iron spraying out on top of these cars. But I was wrong. I go into depth about the communist revolution taking place across America and that the dictators - the elites - are going to try to starve the American people. I define that Orthodox Jews and Hesetic Jews are not to blame. It is the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, who aren't even Jews - they are the ancient Khazarians who hi jacked Judaism back in 1000 ad mixed their child sacrafice rituals to Baal (the devil) into Judaism called Babylonian Talmudism. BEWARE the Autumnal Solstice on September 23. WATCH YOUR CHILDREN. BE VIGILANT. I also call OCTOBER 14th which is an "Annular" Eclipse (A Ring of FIRE) Solar Eclipse to be a day to be reckoned with. WATCH OUT. Be Vigilant. These are precarious times!

9/11 The BIGGEST LIE 38 - "ILLUSIONS" - September 13th 2023
This isn't your typical 9/11 Video by me. It has a lot to do with the deception by the media to con people into taking the vaccines and the resultant deaths and injuries. How the vaccine was completely ineffective. Don't trust your government. They are LIARS! They are rolling out "Plandemic" #2... DO NOT FALL FOR IT. There is a piece on DEEP FAKES... we are in some serious deep waters now!!! I include the segment about my revelation on September 11th, and I also included the Flat Earth piece. I talk about waking people up with a plan. And a Doug Michael episode called "AMERICAN INVASION" set's the stage for where we are now... a total mess. Come on guys, you have to spread the message around. WE gotta wake up together all at once. The bad guys have nothing to stand on... their shit is gonna fall... come crashing down, if only u would heed the call. The Masonic designs have solidified in my mind that Jesus was their creation, as much as Lucifer. We live in a dualistic paradigm... there is SO MUCH MORE! It's not Black and White... there are a million shades of grey! I think Jesus is great. The idea of him, what he said, miracles aside. He's a seed that grew in your minds. He's told you that you are the temple. The universe resides in YOU. There is so much to wake up to!

WAKE UP 9/11 - A REMARKABLE REVELATION - September 11th 2023, By James Easton
Something weird happened today. It was not coincidence. It was meant to be. I discovered something and it involves Jesus in the Bible, and his disciples. The third time Jesus visited them after he had died. They were fishing. There is a remarkable number related 100% to the Twin Towers in terms of numerology. I also expose the numerology of the heights of the towers. There is a brief intro segment from the film "9/11 Deception - The Gift" followed by a Porky Pig cartoon where the dog freaks out about "The Towers!!! They are falling!". Then it's the latest rifs from my buddy Doug Michael to images that are relevant to 9/11. Running Time 18 mins.